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    walked in on Friday morning (Hope side) and the trail was in good condition. Since this was my first time in this location I didn't have any expectations besides getting out and enjoying a new adventure. As well as putting in some miles with my new mystery ranch NICE 6500. The pack carried the weight very well and I can't say enough good things about the pack. Due to the short time constraint we weren't able to put in as many miles as we wanted but ended up walking in 6 miles and setting up camp. Spotted two moose who thought they were sheep because they were just shy of the snow line, more grouse than we could count and four bear (one brown and three black). Spotted the brown and two black bear friday evening but didn't have enough time to go after them so we just enjoyed watching them through the binos. Friday night came with a lot of rain and made for a messy trail. Rain came to close around 10:00 AM SAT morning and ended up spotting one bear around 11:00 AM. Getting above the tree line took about 1.5 hours since the alders were acting like the mountain's linebackers but finally came out and spotted the bear in the same location. Then all of a sudden the bear took off like Usain Bolt across the mountain and never looked back. Shortly after made it back to camp and walked back to the truck that night. Spent the night in Anchorage after grapping some pizza and a beer at the moose's tooth then made the drive back to Fairbanks this morning. All in all it was a great time outdoors.

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    Sounds like a great 12 mile walk, glad you had fun! Just being out and sleeping with the bears, sheep and moose is enough sometimes.

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    it was a great way to spend a couple days in new country. The wolves got fired up for a while during the stalk but wasn't able to spot any of them. I really enjoyed the trip

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    How high up the hills is the snow and about how deep do you think it is? We are planning a trip up the same way for caribou and blackies next week. Planning to hike over to the Indian Creek drainage from the trail and either camp over there or come back to the cabin each night.

    See and Bou?

    Thanks for the intel.

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    The snow amount increased each day we were there. For a better report of the snow take a look at the black and white picture and you can see the amount of snow on the mountains. That picture depicts the amount of snow for most of the mountains in the area. I'd say the snow probably isn't too deep for the most part. Unfortuntantly, we did see any caribou but it was a great trip to the mountains. I think with a couple days in the mountains you should have a good chance with connecting with a nice black bear. A lot of sign on the trail

    good luck,



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