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Thread: repowering my skiff on buget

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    Default repowering my skiff on buget

    I currently need to re-power my 16 Duroboat. My 1989 2 stroke Johnson is too problematic these days and hard to start in the winter. I want a lightweight and reliable 30-40 horse motor by end of month.
    My restrictions.
    *Just 2000 cash
    *My boat does not handle heavy weight on back so lighter manual start almost a must. (battery + heavy motor + kicker = bad idea.)
    *I live in an area where used outboards rarely come up .

    My Ideas
    *Getting a used manual 2 stroke due to limited weight. (1999 0r newer)
    * pray I can get another winter out of my motor and look at a new skiff +motor combo entirely. (not what I want)

    Any what would you do? Are there any safe ways of buying a used motor that cannot be seen. I am desperate to get back hunting and fishing. But I donít want impatience to give me the shaft.
    Any Ideas would be great.

    The best deal I have found is a 1999 Yamaha 2 stroke at nearly 2 grand. I am not sure that is a fair price and other than the fact that it supposedly runs and looks neat in the photo I cannot tell if it is a good deal.

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    Well, Yamaha's (even the 2 strokes) seem to be fairly problem-free, although nothing beats care & maintenance for any motor. How about coming to an agreement with the selling party of having the motor checked by a legitimate mechanic and forwarding you the bill of health? If the motor is as advertised, shouldn't be a problem. Maybe an agreement where you agree to buy the motor if it checks out okay and split the inspection cost? Would be equally beneficial to both parties. Advice----do not buy a motor sight un-seen and without a compression test and lower unit oil inspection.
    Good luck!


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