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    It is a sure thing that you know someone who is serving or has served our country in the past - please take a few minutes today to pass this information along, thus helping this effort. This is a volunteer-run 503c not for profit corporation that has already helped Alaskan soldiers. And one that some members here have already supported - Thank you for that.

    New video just released about this effort and site:

    Older video also:

    A quote from this organization's founder:
    "What makes us unique is that when you approach us for help to put an event
    on, we give you our knowledge of past events and connections. Making your
    event a little easier than the last event. When you do your fundraisers and
    get sponsors to support your event, they stay with your event. The funds
    you raise are for your event - therefore keeping the local money raised ,
    well local. We don't want your money for us, we want it to be for the
    soldiers that are in your area. Don't get me wrong, if you wanted to
    support our entire program and sent us a check we would gladly accept it.
    We do have our own overhead costs for maintenence and with no paid
    employees and working strictly off volunteers, things can get a little
    tight for us."
    OK, you read all the way down to here - so you must care about helping - now is the time to act: Please take a few minutes today, and help spread the word.

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    Its one heck of a good deal.

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    but the base of operations is in Texas, with just a "chapter" up here.. is this correct?

    I also support the program

    If you cant stand behind the troops in Iraq.. Feel free to stand in front of them.

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    Default supporters, not chapters

    Not so much chapters I think. Chapters have officers, meetings, and such.

    But yes on Volunteers. These organizations are both based in TX but have supporters worldwide. I don't know of a list that shows where-all supporters are or events have been, but Alaska definitely would appear on both those lists.

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