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    With the recent thread on the King Trailer toungue failure, I wanted to pass on some information I got off the Glaciercraft Boats forum regarding where you can go to weigh your boat and trailer. On my weigh to putting my boat in storage for the winter, I swung by Alaska Sand and Gravel off of O'Malley between Old Seward and C street to weigh our boat and trailer. All I had to do was check in at the weight house office and make sure I would not be in the way of their normal business. You drive up on the scale and the weight appears on the digital readout at the end of the scale in front of you so you can write down the weights. In 10 minutes I took 3 weight measurements: truck, boat and trailer; boat and trailer attached to truck; boat and trailer not attached to truck.

    Now I have finally taken the guess work out of boat/trailer weights, tongue weights, and am I close to towing limits. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

    Even with a bunch of trucks coming and going during the time I was there, it was heck of a lot easier and less hassle than the Whitter boat launch.

    I would recommend the O'Malley entrance as being the most straightfoward route to get to the scales.

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    Eye opening isn't it!!!! Now when you go down the road and look at those other rigs you will find yourself steering clear. I seen a Nissan Titan pulling a 2859 Bayliner the other the day. I was shocked>>>>>I feel sometimes my F350 is at it's limits with some of our road conditions I can't imagine that Titan having to make a hard stop or pulling any type of grade.


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