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    What powder solvent/bore cleaner is best? Why do you think so? I see there are quite a few new ones on the market, and I was just wondering if I should stop using Hoppe's No 9 because there might be something better....


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    There are so many to choose from there is no way for the average guy to know. I do believe several of them will all do the job and there is more then one way to clean a gun. My gun cleaning stuff has been around for some time and works well. I try not to shoot any of my center fire rifles over 15 times with out cleaning the bore, except for the AR 15 or hand guns. I first push a bronze bore brush through the bore a few times. I unnscrew it and do not drag it back into the action. I always have a big bottle of Hoppes No. 9 and usually run a few soaked patches through my guns bore. After that it is Shooters Choice followed by Barnes Copper remover solvent. I then dry it and lightly apply some Tetra gun oil to a patch and make about 10 passes with that and call it good. I also keep some Kroil Oil and JB Bore Cleaning Paste on the bench and will use it after a couple of hundred rounds have been down the bore. Most of the advancements in bore cleaning chemicals and techniques have come from the bench rest crowd. They shoot and clean lots of barrels.


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