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Thread: Personal Floating Device Requirements

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    Default Personal Floating Device Requirements

    I know what the smart thing is, but throwing all logic aside, are life jackets required while fishing in a float tube in AK? I've looked around and can't seem to find a definite answer.

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    Default Might help

    I don't know how things apply to a float tube, but as far as "boats" are concerned, here is the requirment as far as I could find. Information is from here (

    "One USCG approved Type I,II,III, or V PFD of the proper size for each person, in
    serviceable condition, and readily accessible. Persons under 13 must wear their
    PFD when in an open boat or on the deck of a boat, and when waterskiing."

    I would almost consider the float tube a PFD of some sort. Probably not technically one, but would be close...


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