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Thread: Wooldridge Pilot House SS model??

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    Default Wooldridge Pilot House SS model??

    Do any of you have a Wooldridge Pilot house SS? I am looking for some owner feedback. I went and toured their shop today and looked at their boats I was impressed with what I saw. I am in the market for a 24-26' aluminum pilot house fishing boat. I haved looked at many boats and in my price range I have narrowed it down to 3 the Wooldridge, Fish-Rite Sea Storm & Boulton Explorer. I am heading to Medford in a couple days to tour Fish-Rite & Boulton.


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    I cannot say enough things about all three of your choices. I was just at Marita Ski & Sea and next to each other was a Fish Rite Storm and a Boulton Explorer. Personally I liked the Storm better (layout and features)and it was a little less (a bonus). But really I bought a new boat this year and had great experiences talking to both Wooldridge boats and Mike Boulton.

    I really think that Wooldrige has an edge on efficiency which maybe isn't a big concern when you can drop 100K on a boat but it adds up and can extend your cruising range.



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