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    Default first bbo...

    ready for the short string on the tiller tree...bending ok. More to come, hopefully I can get'r bending good by wed morning, take it home and do the finish job back in Mn....
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    I should add for those who aren't into this....

    Bbo is bamboo backed osage. I'm shooting for something around 50 to 55lbs.

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    she's ready for the short string..still stiff in the outer 1/3rd but looking good so far...hopefully she'll make weight. Though at this point I just hope it doesnt explode LOL!

    and some jam that has been occupying my off time...
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    Default So how is it working out?

    Bow still bending or is it kindling? And that jam. Looks to me like you may need a bit of help with all that. I just happen to know a guy that could do it.
    Tell us more about that bow. How did you start, with a factory blank or scratch? What else?

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    The bow is bending..jeesh thanks for the faint hint of confidence :P. Those pics are on a long string...the last pic shows the bow at almost a normal braceheight. I had bought a couple blanks a few years ago, and FINALLY after everything am getting to building them. They ended up sending two more as both of the purchased blanks cracked a for now I'm tillering htem out to learn on and have two good ones that'll hopefully last someone quite awhile.

    I do have the osage slats and bamboo to glue up quite a few bows though I'd like to save my 'stock' till I've gottn the tillering part down (the real bow making part ).

    I'm hoping the bow comes out around 50 to 55lbs when I get to one of the good blanks. The two 'bad' blanks my plan is to tiller them out just to get that part of the process down pat. One of the two good blanks is for the old man. He keeps asking for the day I build him one. Gotta finish his 10ga flintlock fowler this winter too, have two of those in the build stages that got put off due to the joys of life.

    Then on to building my own. From scratch. Really the glue up is very simple.

    Oh and on the jam....I leave tomorrow morning, if you want a jar, drop me a line when I get back on the 24th. I'm back to work that sunday.

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    forgot to add something you might like.....I want to build a pair of flinter doubles...that is the hole reason for starting with fowlers. I think I can buy barrels welded and regulated and possibly jug choked for a pretty good a dang good book on it too. Need some more tools for the job though. Everything in time, something I hope I have a lot left of!


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