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    Default cracked necks

    I bought some hornady bullets for my 22-250 and shot 60 or so from my rifle. After I went though all of the brass I only got 45 brass that did not have a crack in the neck. There where factory shells. Is it common to get this many cracked necks being shot only once. I have got way more shots with my 30-06 brass and my 300 win mag. Is this a common trate of the 22-250 or is it just the hornady brass.


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    Do you mean the 60 rounds were all factory ammo or just new Hornady brass?? It is very unusual to get split necks from factory ammo or new brass. I have seen the necks split at the mouth, the usual failure after several loadings but if the neck is splitting down the side of the neck, the brass is likely defective or been cleaned with a bore cleaner designed to get out copper fouling. If bore cleaner is used to clean brass the solvent attacks the copper in the brass (Copper-Zinc) and will destroy it. The brass will crack in an irregular pattern like a river. It is possible the brass anneall is wrong and is too brittle. This will make a straight split down to the shoulder. Also rust or corrosion in the chamber neck will do it.
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    Default Hornady Ammo

    Had the same thing happen to me with some factory hornady ammo (55 grn V-max 22/250) i believe they were headstamped Frontier, have had good luck with all other hornady brass.


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