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Thread: Solar Water Heaters

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    Default Solar Water Heaters

    Heard about new/old technology recently that is being used in many rural homes in China to make hot water for household use. Person who was talking about it stated that the equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy install and maintain. Pretty good amount of information online about this green technology. Also found a couple weblinks about the subject.

    Any of you folk on the forum ever try a solar water heater for a remote cabin or rural home? If you have, sure would like to hear how it worked for you and what your opinion is about it. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Solar water heaters

    New here and trying to catch up on old posts. I have built a solar hot water panel that worked great. It is called a Modified Trickle Down or MTD. Easy to make and does not need antifreeze. Last March in -12 to -15 degree temps it would raise a 45 gallon tank of water from 60*F to 95*F on a sunny day. In the summer the water would get over 140*F.

    I plan on building four more of them and mounting on my roof with more water storage so I do not have to play with the wood stove on sunny days in the spring and fall.

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    Default Any Pictures of the MTD?

    Do you have any photos? It sounds interesting.

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    Default we lived in the desert

    I did several expiriments ,
    they all worked , some better than others.
    the panel of copper pipe under glass 160 degrees in one hour, but not very much water. the best is a 10 gallon tank in a glass box 130 degrees in one hour. so we used the tubing panel as a pre heater.
    Expiriments with out the glass worked but not as well.
    I wanted to mount the panel as a window in the roof so that the heat of the house keeps it from freezing, and we'd have a sky light of a sort. but the wife wouldn't let me. oh well .
    I've been working on an idea for using a water heater tank on the wood stove , rigging the bypass and controls will be fun.


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