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Thread: Hewescraft Ocean Pro Mods

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    Default Hewescraft Ocean Pro Mods

    Split transom livewell lid, mounted rod holder/net holder in center, installed splash baffles on outboard ends, works great!

    Removed rope locker lid, added raised deck using original lid and tripled rope space, can unbolt and return to original configuration, oval plate is awaiting my choice of windlass, thanks to all that contributed their thoughts on the (need to anchor deep 200+) thread.

    Removed door that is alwayse in the way, installed wood in door seal area, added snaps and curtain door that can roll up, hang like a curtain or zip closed. Just remove screws that hold the wood to return to original, works great!

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    I really like the bow modifications, excellant work.

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    Default Where was the anchor locker work done??

    I was thinking about adding a rope locker and windlass to my 22' searunner and that looks like a good option for my boat as well. Just wondering where the work was done and roughly how many $ on that portion of the project! Congrsats by the way and it looks great!!

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    That rope locker looks real nice, I agree with MDwhatleys and think that would work nice on my SeaRunner.

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    I had a local fabricator bend it out of flat stock, I think his bill was less than $300 including materials.

    From reading another post about taking water over the bow I decided I built in a potential problem I am in the process of fixing.

    It is off the boat now and Iíll take step by step pics with explanations and post on this thread, maybe it'll help you out. At least you won't make the same mistake.

    If they are done with my new supports you'll see it by the weekend.

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    Step 1 Remove forward door

    Step 2 Using flat stock bend 90 deg top and bottom to form supporting bulkhead.
    This is where I made a mistake, as the pic shows I did not go all the way to the forward bulkhead which would allow water over the bow to flow around the front and down thru the opening into the builge.
    I am having these bulkheads redone and will post pics when done. Looks now like next week.

    Step 3 Using flat stock make appropiate cut outs and make 90 deg bends as shown.

    Step 4 Install bulkheads, deck, and door.

    Hope this helps, really a simple build for a fabricator.

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    Default Thanks Jon,

    I bought my seasrunner last year and have not made any mods to it yet, but with a year of running it under my belt i now feel i know where to improve it. I really like the locker idea you had and think i can aply it to my boat and do minimal changes that way! Have you ever seen a gun rack mounted into the cabin (inside roof) before? I was thinking that would really free up some valuable room and get things out of the way for me. The only other projects i have are to install a fuel flowscan, windlass, rear flood light, diesel heater and rocket launchers. $$$$$$ =) My wife really hates me looking through boating supply magazines..... Again thanks for the ideas...


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    Default What local shop...

    Do you mind if i ask what local shop did the bending for you with that rope locker? I am getting some really HIGH quotes for the same thing! Thanks for the help..


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    Quote Originally Posted by MDwhatleys View Post
    Do you mind if i ask what local shop did the bending for you with that rope locker? I am getting some really HIGH quotes for the same thing! Thanks for the help..


    That was done by General Crafts in Goshen IN.

    Just down the highway from me is Gravelton Machine Shop, Nappanee IN, they can also do it, he's done most of my projects that require welding.

    Where are you located?

    It looks like the pictures I posted are not there due to my moving things around on Photo Bucket. I'll have to go to work restoring them

    I have the bulkheads done I talked about in an earlier post and will be installing them this week, I take step by step pics and post detail.
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    Hey Jonsboat, any luck on getting the pictures again? I saw them when first posted but I forgot some of the details. Comes with age, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomfishhunter View Post
    Hey Jonsboat, any luck on getting the pictures again? I saw them when first posted but I forgot some of the details. Comes with age, I guess.

    I emailed the new links to have them atached but it must not have worked, this week sometime I'll repost the hole thing with new pic's

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    Default Rope Locker Mod

    Removed factory rope locker door
    Made bulkheads to form inclosure and to support raised deck.
    The first ones I made did not form to the front like this one does
    I changed it because of a post on this sight, Water Over The Bow, it opened my eyes to water gaining access to the bilge quicker then the scuppers could relieve it.
    Notice the bottom angle is welded on, this was done to make fitting and trimming easier.
    The front will be sealed with spray foam

    Deck is all 90 degree bends made from a single sheet, shown laying upside down and installed

    Factory door previously removed fits opening
    I have installed a capstan on the deck and have a 5/8in x 1000ft 8 Plait + 5/16 x 30ft G4 HT chain anchor rode comming that should show up early next week, and I got a ring and bouy, should be all set.
    This is the end result of my first post ever on this sight
    My goal was to anchor in 200ft+ of water and jig for lake trout on the bottom of Lake Superior, thanks to all for the input, this summer I get to try it out plus Stannard Rock here I come!

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    Default Door in the way mod

    Removed door from Alaska Bulkhead because I didn't like the room it stole from the deck while open.
    Installed stained oak wood strips in the door frame
    Installed snaps on the wood

    Local canvas shop made a clear door that snaps into place, zips open, and rolls up to stow in the open position

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    Default Split Livewell Lid

    Did not like the way water splashed from the sides of the livewell lid in rough water
    Installed baffles that turn down to redirect the splash back into the livewell, works great!
    Wanted to run a rod off the center
    Split the livewell lid, installed a track and rod holder, now I use it more for the net then a rod

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    Default Garmin GHP10 Auto pilot install

    Wanted to install a Garmin Auto Pilot but could not seem to meet the requirements of the install and have a clean installation
    Added to the right side of the panel for space to install the autopilot control head

    Replaced 2nd helm with a cabinet that will house the pump, control unit, and shadow drive
    Provides a nice storage compartment above pump
    Cabinet opening will have a door

    Mounted cource computer here

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    Default Fish Hawk Install

    Cut hole beside glove box to flush mount Fish Hawk
    Easy to see and display is large enough to see from Helm and 2nd Helm

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    Thanx for the pics. I am going to do something on my bow like yours and now I have more to look at. I have a Searunner and not quite as much room. Thanx again

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    Default looks good

    Good stuff, Just when I think I'm happy you all put more ideas in my head.
    Hi all, Erik & Jodi


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