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Thread: A stupid question regarding rabbit snaring perhaps...

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    Default A stupid question regarding rabbit snaring perhaps...

    I am interested in setting some snares for rabbits this winter and can check the sets on a daily basis. But are you guys snaring rabbits for the skins or the meat? I would be more interested in the meat, but is there any issues with the quality of meat that has been potentially dead, and not cleaned for up to a day? I can just imagine an animal getting caught early evening when they start their nighttime activities and me not checking the lines until 5 or 6 pm the next day. During the cold of winter I can see where they would be fine, but what about this time of year? Should I hold off until daytime temps are staying below freezing?

    Any comments would be great.

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    i always wait until freezing.. that way you know wherew to snare and it'll be safe till your return...last year i would get a few 'bits while checking the snares... they would litterally run away right into my snare.. so be prepared to off some live ones.

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