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Thread: Meat Care Letter to Editor

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    Default Meat Care Letter to Editor

    Here is an interesting perspective on meat care from the Fairbanks paper letters to the editor.

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    How very Interesting, I hope that guy don't work for MY FAVORITE processor here...

    the one that checked in perfectly clean meat, ( listed as such) first moose of the season a few year back... and called me two weeks later and said it was spoiled and fly blown so they would not cut and asked me to remove it....

    or a few years later, check in some deboned meat for grinding and stuffing and LOST it. made the order up from other peoples various meats and did not provide the product as requested... and don't even taste like moose.

    i am guessing we got yak and caribou mixed up.with some baloney that had been left to sit out to long and the scales off the she fish they were selling used as filler...

    But.... if i soak it in beer long enough... it will almost taste like a Brat... i have to do the same with the breakfast sausage too though... problem is my kids are all to young to get drunk enough to eat it......

    i guess it will be used for Lower 48 gift pack as they wont know better
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    Vince - there's lots of us with the qualifications to help with that, but I'm guessing the beer bill might be a little higher than the shipping costs for lower 48 gift packs!

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    He's not the first processor I've heard speak with disgust of the atrocious condition some of the "meat" they they receive from so-called hunters to process.

    The best meat handling lessons are the ones I recieved while participating on hunts and butchering with village folks.
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    Default tanana meats

    anyone have anything to remark on them recently? i've heard they are under new owners and my taxidermist says he's heard good things... if you do have something negative please pm???

    sorry not trying to hi-jack the thread...


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    If you're a butcher and you get disgusted by the meat that people bring in for processing, DON'T ACCEPT THE MEAT! Tell them thanks but no thanks and refer them to someone else. Problem solved. The butcher I used last year guarantees that the meat you give him is the meat you will get back, and that's why I will hopefully be taking some moose back to him again this year.


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