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Thread: T/C Encore muzzleloader barrel

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    Default T/C Encore muzzleloader barrel

    Been considering getting a muzzleloder barrel for my Encore. T/C wants about $100 more for their barrels than I could get a Bergara barrel for the Encore. My question is, has anybody else ever put a muzzleloader Bergara barrel on an Encore? How did it fit? Is there any Good reason why I should just stick with the factory T/C barrel?

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    Default Hope this helps

    Hello Valley Trash,
    I own a T.C. Omega 50cal blackpowder rifle, and T.C. Encore Pro-Hunter with a 50cal blackpowder barrel and I myself am looking to pick up a Bergara 45cal Blackpowder barrel. Something that you may want to think about is the breech plug for the Bergara barrel IS NOT THE SAME AS THE FACTORY BREECH PLUG. So you would not be able to puchase a spare breech plug at your local sporting goods store. Also, Bergara blackpowder barrels DO NOT come with sights, but they are available. Bergara barrels do not require a break-in period. Mike Bellm's web site ( ) may be helpful to you. I have found his information and Russell Lynch web site ( ) very helpfull. Check them out, These are two VERY knowledgeable gentlemen when it comes to the T.C. Encore.



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