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Thread: LARGE vs small Shrimp pots

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    Default LARGE vs small Shrimp pots

    What is everyone's thoughts on the 'larger' shrimp pots (round stackables from Donaldsons) versus the regular size? My buddy lost a regular one from his arsenal and we were talking about him replacing it with the large one. "Pete, you have the large ones correct?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myers View Post
    "Pete, you have the large ones correct?"

    Actually, I have the smaller Donalson pots. I have thought about trying the bigger diameter pots, but the ones I have fish great. Since they are not traps, it would make sense to me that the larger diameter pots would be more difficult for the little bugs to escape. Have him buy one and give it a shot.
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    Default Go Big

    I have the big pots. I love them. It is just one pot so try it out, can't hurt and then you can see if you like them better. The only down side is that it will have to be the bottom pot when you stack them so the others nest inside.

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    I built a couple of larger size pots, same style as my regular 24x24's but i tried making them 30x30. Fished them on the same line with my others and i really didn't see any difference on how they fished. A couple of times they might have caught a few more but on the average i don't think they did any better. They were a pain in the arse to handle & took up more room on the boat. I ain't gonna mess with success

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    I think that making your pots heavier and more resistant to current and wave-related movement will make them fish better than increasing size.

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    Default Big?

    To me big is a subjective term and should include more than physical size!
    Some of the pot's out there are huge, bordering on lobster gear do they fish any better than the standard variety? Who knows. To the guy having great luck with them an argument about their size would be useless. Some like the Ladner style which are biggish too and their owners swear by their shrimp catching prowess. They are too big for our set up and a full string of them would even tax my revered Electr Dyne due to the increased drag.The normal size (24 X 24) commonly sold out of the box stores don't count because as you've already guessed, I'm hung up on Pot builders gear!

    Can his standard sized pots be improved on from a fishability standpoint? Who knows, but by spring I will reveal the answer to that and many more questions when I unveil the biggest of all pots! Big in the sense of it's added shrimp catching features. Same footprint, Stainless ammenities, spinning bait towers that come up free of vermin EVERY TIME, whoa there, thought you were gonna make em wait?
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    I have 2 regular round pots from Donalson, and 3 of the big ones. Fished them more than a dozen times this summer.

    I run 2 lines - one with 1 regular and 1 large, the other with 1 regular and 2 large. The larger pots seem to get a few more shrimp sometimes, but not anything significant.

    I think that good bait and a good location are much more important factors than pot size.
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