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Thread: Cordova Goats???

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    Default Cordova Goats???

    Was thinking of going to Cordova for a goat hunt next weekend. Just seeing if anyone had any advice or previous goat hunting experiences there. Was going to hunt off the road system and possibly bring an ATV.

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    The hunts close to town are registration hunts and are first come/first served on the day they open. I hunted for goat there a few years ago and those permits were gone within a few hours of the registration period opening. The locals get the permits and then wait until late in the season when the snow pushes the goats down to levels accessible by snow machine.

    Some of the hunts farther down the road are harvest hunts, but when I was there the town flooded and washed out the road so I don't have any info about those. We drove a ways down the road and never saw goats from the road, but did see goats by plane. I would say there were in mountains about 5 or so miles from the road. It's not easy country to bushwack through.

    My partner and I did see some big moose (hunt open to Cordova residents only). The local's air boats with the hoists to haul the moose into them are pretty neat. We also saw black bear off the trail system close to town.

    It was a nice area, but our hunt was a disaster because of the bad weather and extreme flooding.
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