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Thread: KP Steelies?

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    Default KP Steelies?

    any reports for steelhead on the KP?

    looking to make the run to the west this weekend and wondering if anyones had any luck lately.

    feel free to PM...


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    I have been to the Anchor a couple of times now this season. The water is really low and it has been for most of the summer. Fished from just above the forks all the way to North Fork Road and only found a couple of spots that held dollies and very few steelhead. Have not heard any positive reports from those that fish around the mouth but since I have not fished there this year it is pssoible that some fish are holding in that area waiting for rain to raise the water level and then make a push upstream. But, like I said I have not heard much in the way of favorable steelhead reports in the lower region so...

    I went back to the Anchor yesterday after a day of rain and the water came up several inches but still very few dollies around and only one steelhead that I caught in holes that I have fished over the years that always seem to hold a few fish. Not sure what to think other than we need more water.

    I have heard nothing about Deep Creek or Ninilchik SH reports but there are a lot of cars parked at the pull out were Deep Creek runs under the Sterling Highway. Water looked real low here as well so...


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