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Thread: Who needs antlers?

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    Default Who needs antlers?

    Need antlers? We left these guys by so may others, you have tommarow, maby the next day at most to go get 'em~~LOL!!~~ Theres alotta ice in the water and all but the main channel is coverd by at least an inch in many places.....

    Nothing like Harvesting Fall time Bulls...... But it is Colder, freeing cold, actually....

    These were what we left today, a couple more better than yesterday, but "Today" the Camera worked

    I have to get up early and do this again Third day should kick some butt, and not a hint of Rut about 'em, so tomarrow is most likely "IT" for they are FAT.
    5's the limit, each and we took home two boat loads, 13 in all today, over yesterdays 10.
    More and more Bulls appear at dusk.....arrrrgh.... ~~LOL!!~~

    More when I download the pix
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    I use to sell them to recoup some of the cost of the hunt. Amazed at who will buy them. One set of 40" bull moose was sold to Babe the tv guy in Minnesota.

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    Stranger did you keep the tongue? You guys are the protien kings.

    I could use some of those antlers. Was thinking of making my own knives and using antler for handles.

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    You guys pile up the antlers up there, go get em. Knife handles I use small antler bases their the right size for your hand, thats what works best for me.
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    Was on a charter boat in Sitka a few years ago, one of Mike's Big Blue boats. Anyway the skipper at the time had a wife beater, aka fish bonker made from a caribou antler. Thing had the perfect curve and weight balance. Whenever you smacked a king or halibut it felt sooo good, the most solid hit I've experienced.
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    There's a few more down toward the end of the lake with a set of moose antlers. The mutt didn't seem to want to pack them out any more than me. They should make some good attracters for wolves come trapping season though.


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