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Thread: Basic Sets for Fox

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    Default Basic Sets for Fox

    Can you guys describe some of the basic sets you use up here in AK for fox. What do you do to keep the trap from freezing in the snow.

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    Make a snow hole, flat pee post, or I have even got them in large cubbies. A snow hole is just like a dirt hole set except it is in the snow. you can put wax paper on the bottom of the trap to keep it from freezing down. I also put a little bit of Toilet paper on top and then cover with a little snow. You have to watch how you place the snow, because it can set up hard and your trap wont fire. To be honest I really like to snare foxes. They dont freeze up and you can make a ton for cheap. Also a guy can carry 5 dozen with out any problem. If you are interested there is a trapping class that the ATA (Alaska Trappers Association) puts on every year. There is one two day class in fairbanks and a one day class, by Anchorage. It is a great place to learn.

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    Default fox

    snare them, much easier than using traps!!

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    Default snaring is a great way to go.

    But then, the snowhole is great. Snow hole and pee post sets are both good.

    You need a long chain and a good drag/grapple hook. Then just set you trap in front of the snowhole with crumpled wax paper over it. Sift barely a little snow, not enough to make a crust and hope for a skiff of fresh snow...that's it. The best fox set is the one set cleanly and quickly...I'm not a pro, but do enjoy trapping fox.

    But snaring is better.
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