Right now on gunbroker.com sits a Parker Hale in the beloved .270. I once bought a floor plate/trigger guard assembly very similar to the one this gun is wearing and paid $300 for it alone.

Many of these guns came with the bolt assembly blued. This is one of them and the bluing on the extractor is barely worn. The wood is kinda plain but in good shape.

5 hours left on the no reserve auction...I'm betting the starting bid of $400 will buy it.....and no I'm not the seller. I would be the buyer iffen mother wouldnta walked in and caught me rummaging through her purse trying to cabbage on to that plastic dealy bob that works as good as money in an emergency when one of these gotta have it deals crops up! She threw some of that Missouri hatefulness my way and mummbled something about the grandkids and Christmas and now I can't have it!

So if one of ya's wives ain't looking go for it...It'd make me feel better knowin someone got away with it!