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Thread: Sat, Sun, Monday report Palmer

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    Default Sat, Sun, Monday report Palmer

    Saturday at the Flats (10) ducks mixed bag /Mallards/Widgeons/Pintail and shot at one lone Canada

    Sunday (8) Ducks mixed bag /Mallards/Widgeons/Pintail

    Monday Goose Bay (5) Mallard, Greenwing, Widgeons

    I believe we are going through a transition period with Widgeons and Pintails leaving and Mallards are just trickling in my partner shot and seen lots of Gadwalls on Sat. hopefully this weekend will bring some birds down due to weather conditions up north.

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    Default Kill-n-time

    Heres my report. Thrusday Palmer Hayflats 4:30 pm to 5:30pm 8 ducks
    Friday opening to 10:30am 8 ducks
    saturday opening to 10:00am 8 ducks
    I could of been done a lot sooner but diden't care to shoot a bunch of teal.
    My partner came out around 2:00 pm saturday and put down a limit, with the last duck being a mostly colored out red head, He also picked up a limit on sunday. It was some of the best shooting I've seen in a while. I would have to guess there had to be 4000+ birds in the air at one time. Just awsome, and not all that many people. I love it when the ducks decoy, with out a clue that they are going to get shot. No geese untill sunday that I saw, and that was at the boat launch and way to high. I heard there were some on the lake sunday, so hopfully they will stick around for a few more days, there still some kill-n-time left.


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