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Thread: Geese on fort rich and EAFB

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    Default Geese on fort rich and EAFB

    Anyone got any good ideas or round about hints on where the geese are...other than the baseball fields. The Fish and Game guy said people shoot them all the time.......other that putting the old ghillie suit on and using an air rifle Im clueless.

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    Can't speak for FT Rich, but I don't think you can do any shooting on Elmendorf. Unless your on the Bash team

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    That F&G guy does not know much about geese in Anchorage area. Yes some hunters take a goose or two in the early season, but near Anchorage there is not a goose hunting area like in the states.

    Very soon the birds will be pushing through upper Cook Inlet for a couple of weeks. Opportunities are out at Coffee Point on the Hay Flats, Goose Bay, and the Su Flats.

    Occassionally they stage on Skilak Lake or on the Kenai Flats.

    There are hay fields in Point McKenzie - Burma Landing area that you can explore and find permission to hunt on, but it is hit or miss since they are not grain fields with high calorie food.

    Way back "in the day" you could sit on a log on the refuge side of the rail road track berm and pass shoot geese as they went into Potter's marsh, but the changes in habitat there and the reduction in resident geese population has taken that away.

    Keep in mind that there is no significant food source for geese here in upper Cook Inlet other than some lawns. Pretty low calorie stuff. When they show up they don't stay long and head to greener pastures.

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    Default FT Rich Geese

    The Geese at FT Rich come from the Eagle River Flats most of them and as of today they are still here. Under AR 190-13 no waterfowl hunting south of Eagle River. We have about approximately 150 Geese on Rich not enough to get out to hunt the training areas. One option is area TA 407 and setting up to pass shoot on Clunie Creek as they exit the Eagle River Flats most of the Geese head south in the morning to feed on the grass in cantonment. Believe me I have looked at every option. Also a note that the Ft Rich Fish and Game Lieutenant knows his job very well.


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