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    Default Kotz Report

    Here ya all go Thanks to those for the input up front.

    Ram Air and Northern Air Trophy: 2 finer pilots You will never meet, details a little ruff but they did what they said they would. End of the season I can understand not having time to chat!

    Bibbers bead and breakfast: clean and quite! Andy and Jean from Maine and I thought I had an accent. I would not stay at the Hotel, unless you are into noise and all night party.

    North west outfitters out of business- Bummer Walt supplied excellent camp!

    Bay View Restaurant: A good rest. in Anc is tough to find this was the 1 of those rare jewels. 3 different ethnic food groups and all were awesome! They 2 had lodging and all seemed happy that we spoke 2.

    Ok as for the hunt, dropped into a slice of heaven-this place 2 will haunt my sole for as long as I live, sothern slope Brooks on the Noatak. Thosands of Bou, cool weather-no COLD weather, NO BUGS! 3 of us took 6 bou all close to book 1 maybe in?? Moose,Ox, Fox no bears.

    Longest pack was a mile, shortest was 10 feet. Will learn 1 year I hope to stay in camp!

    Thanks again for those whom supplied info. I'll be BACK!

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    Default More deets...and pics


    When you're not so busy, we need more details about your hunt! How long did you guys go? Any pictures?

    Too bad about NWAK, I was wondering where Walt went, he use to post weekly OTZ reports.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tccak71 View Post
    Too bad about NWAK, I was wondering where Walt went, he use to post weekly OTZ reports.

    He didn't exactly go out of business - he moved to Glennallen, so he closed up shop in Kotzebue.


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