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Thread: Quick & easy duck recipe

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    Default Quick & easy duck recipe

    4 Sliced Carrots

    1/2 c Chopped Pepper

    1/2 c Diced Onions

    1 Minced Garlic clove

    Copious amounts of BBQ sauce

    1/2 c Oil


    1 whole Duck cut up

    Add Oil to wok, allow to heat on med heat. Add duck after it's good & hot, & cover, let stand 5-10 mins, stirring occsionally. After 20-30 mins, turn heat down & add garlic, cook another 10 mins & add rest of veggies & cover for another 10-20 mins, add bbq sauce, & stir together. Allow to cook for another 10 mins & serve hot!



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    Default Another recipe

    Goalie, my recipe used to be similar, but instead of BBQ sauce, I used bourbon, and the last line of the recipe said throw the ****ed duck out and drink the bourbon!

    This year however, I brought birds back from the shack (I used to leave them to my hunting partners to take home). I soaked them in milk for three days, rinsed with cold water, and then marinated with Yoshida sauce along with about a teaspoon of Dave's Hurtin' Habanero hot sauce for an afternoon. Throw on the grill and cook to medium - BAM - that was some good eatin'. Serve with steamed rice, and 'dat dere's good stuff. Won't be giving' all m ducks away in the future.



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    Have had great success doing a little marinade of citrus juice. (orange, lemon, and/or lime). Of course grilling over some hot coals for a few minutes a side. Adding a wrap of bacon always makes for a winning combination.

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    Those look good. I usually soak mine in buttermilk over night, rinse them off in cold water before cooking. Fill a baking pan with chicken broth...bake on 350 for 1 hour add wild rice at 45 min. Turn off over for 15-20 min and blam sweet tender duck,goose,grouse,rabbit or tweety bird.

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    Default They all sound good

    Here is another simple one.
    Cut the meat into fingers and soak in milk. Soak for an hour or a day, just depends on the time you have. Roll the meat in a mix of flour, corn meal, and whatever spices you like. I like salt, pepper, and garlic.
    Heat up olive oil in a skillet, and brown the meat. Note, don't cook it, just brown it. Set it aside.
    Cut up sweet peppers (I like the variety of colors so use red, orange, yellow, and green) onions (white or yellow, depends on you), and mushrooms. Cook them in olive oil. I like my veggies a little bit crisp, so there are 2 ways to get them that way. Either only cook them just a bit before adding the meat, or, add the meat, and then add some more veggies that you set aside.
    Add the meat to the mix when you think the veggies are cooked enough. Add cream of mushroom soup and milk in quantities depending on how many folks you are feeding and how thin or thick you want the mixture. The soup tends to continue to thicken a bit, so keep the milk handy. An idea, since I like lots of fat, is to use either whole cream or 1/2&1/2 instead of milk.
    Let simmer until the fingerlings are rare to medium rare. Add the mix over rice of your choice.
    Note: Don't be at the end of the line once folks figure out how good this is. I was really surprised myself when a friend did this recipe for us the first time.

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    Default Easy duck

    Take the fillet breast and soak in milk overnight .Cut into 1/4 to1/2 strips sprinkle with your favorite seasoning .our favorite is a carribean jerk with black pepper.Roll in flour and deep fry untill crispy.Serve hot with honey mustard,bbq sauce or your favorite dipping sauce .PS make plenty they make a good midnight snack if there is any left

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    Default Got mine at DU years ago

    Simple recipe but yummy. You take a duck breast and filletit out flat and thin 1/4-3/8. Mix up some apricot preserves, splash of brandy, and black pepper. Smear the mix on one side of the breast then roll it up and wrap bacon and pin it with toothpicks. Fire up the BBQ and throw the breasts on the grill and throw some wood chips on the coals. The smoked/BBQ'ed breast is so good....


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