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Thread: Rear Walkthrough Windshield on Wooldridge

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    Looking for feedback on a walkthrough windshield installed in the middle of a boat. I have a 1970s Wooldridge boat that used to have an inboard/outboard and an old front windshield. It has since been gutted and the old inboard hole has been filled and is ready for a new outboard. I was talking to some locals and they recommend a walk through windshield to be installed in the middle so you can haul heavy loads in the front (moose, 4 wheelers, wood etc) and it is easier to unload. I see Wooldridge has a rear option on their site so I know it can be done. Also there are several other boat brands that have the rear walkthrough windshield. Looking for pros or cons for this setup. Attached is the boat as it is now, I am going to install aluminum diamond plate on the floor. The boat is 21 long and 60 on the bottom. So I am looking having a 10 open bow and another 10 aft for seating and cover. It is a great hull and has been awesome but the old motor took up to much room and the electronics had to be redone. This boat is located out in rural Alaska so I am also looking to see who might be able to make a template for a rear walkthrough windshield and then it can shipped and welded together out there. Any fabricators that I should consider or has someone else did something similar?
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    From what I have seen it all depends on what you will spend the majority of your time using your boat. If you want to haul freight then go with a windshield mounted in the middle if you are hauling people go with one up front.

    Pros of mid windshield:
    increased freight capacity
    easier loading unloading

    decreased visibility for a seated driver (hard to see over the bow at times)
    with no freight you are possibly stern heavy

    its good to see old tubs still being used, its amazing how long aluminum holds up. Please keep us updated on your progress most of us love seeing projects and or builds.

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    I noticed Sport Johns, Sea Arks, Altec, etc use the aft walk through windsheild as well. Do you like or dislike this setup. As far as hauling people there still should be plenty of room for that in the back of the boat.

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    Post Mid or Rear Placement ?

    I've ridden in Wooldridge AK II with both front and rear placements.
    For all around jet running the forward mount is best suited for overall balance.
    With 4 passengers and gear it will run flatter at slower speeds and will pop up quicker
    being forward weighted.
    The rear mounted boat will tend to ride bow high require more water at lower speeds
    with the same load. (Every one wants to sit behind the windshield)
    If you have a 4-wheeler up front that will flatten your ride out great, But what about the
    rest of the time ? Set it for what you do 90% of the time and work with it.


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