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    Does anyone know if there are any duck shacks for rent across the bay from Kenai? I know there are private duck camps over there, and I thought there was an outfitter that used to rent cabins over there. Anyone Know?

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    Default duck shacks

    sent you a pm

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    Default Alaska West Air had some years ago.

    It has been a long time ago. They would fly you over. Don't know if they still do.
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    Default Cabins

    I have a cabin over there, as do several other people. Although the cabins are generally left unlocked, we pay a fee to the state and have our own personal effects in our cabins. Please respect the cabin owners and obtain permission before using a cabin - you might find yourself out in the cold if the owner shows up.

    I finally got rid of a cabin in Kodiak because I got tired of calling the state troopers to evict hunters who refused to leave when I came to use my own cabin. Really. I even brought the legal documents to prove I owned the cabin and the land, and guys would refuse to leave and threaten me because the spent an arm and a leg on a trip and they planned to use "this" (my) cabin. Then they would act like it was my responsibility to find them alternate accomodations.

    However, I do believe that Alaska West Air does have a cabin over there that they do provide if you fly over there with them. Good luck if you go. We had a good shoot this week. Two limits of ducks and a couple of geese for a morning hunt.


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