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    I'm looking for a magazine spring for my Winchester model 70 pushfeed 270 win with 2 piece bottom metal, one without the small dimple where it attaches to the floor plate. Broke mine during a hunt a few weeks back and need to try and replace it before I go goat hunting on Friday. I had a gent from another site send me 2 last week but neither one fit. If you have one laying around I'd be glad to take it off your hands for a reasonable price. Thanks.

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    Found one.

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    I need to find one that will fit my 375 it had an issue too. Do you have the ones that didn't work?
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    Default Williams....

    Look up William's Gun Parts and Midway and Brownells will have them also. I replaced the mag springs and extractors with after market ones on all my Mod. 70 "Classic" rifles as I wanted "spring" steel instead of cast.

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    Try Numerich Gun Parts.

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