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    I've been toying with the idea of a T/C G2 but not real knowledgeable about the 375 JDJ. Any info or experience would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default 375 Jdj


    The 375 JDJ is the 444 Marlin case necked down to 375. It is a pretty serious handgun round and fires all the .375" diameter bullets from the 220 hornady Fp, Speer 235 semi sptz, and all the standard 375 H&H bullets, from 240 to 300 grain. It's original ballistics are the 270 grain at 2000 fps but expansion is limited at that velocity. Best performance is with the 220 to 260 grain lighter constructed jacketed bullets, or the 250-320 grain hard cast bullets for the 38-55. Barnes makes their 255 grain original bullet in .375" and they are a close match for it's velocity from 14" barrel, can be driven to about 2200 fps, I've never shot it from a rifle length barrel.

    Brass (444) is available but not common and is easy to neck down with one pass through the sizer. I left the JDJ series of cases when I discovered the 307/356 Win case, they seem to be stronger and can be run at higher pressure. I necked up the 356 to 375 and hunted with that for a while. The JDJ is an accepted wildcat with about the same ballistics and a very capable big game round.
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    I only know one person who hunts with a Contender in this caliber. It sounds like it's pretty tough on both the shooter adn the shot.


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