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Thread: Spray-on wipe-off aluminum cleaner?

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    Question Spray-on wipe-off aluminum cleaner?

    I was looking for some spray-on wipe-off aluminum cleaner for my HewesCraft River Runner; just to quickly remove the river scum and water spots after a day out on the water (river).

    When I bought the boat it had an incredible shine. I used the Garelick EZ-IN - Boat Metal Polish but it takes more elbow grease than I have to get a good shine.

    I was wondering how those fancy Wooldridge guys keep their shine on. I have read a little about the Shark Hide product but was wondering if there exists a simple spray-on, wipe-off product the cuts the water spots and river scum easily.

    Thanks in advance

    John H.

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    You want a "shiney" boat? Why?

    As far as cleaning up aluminum, we use acid to do that. You'll want a product such as Zep-A-Lume or similar aluminum etching solution. Dilute it into a pump up, all plastic weed sprayer and spray it on. Then you rinse it off after a just a couple minutes of wet time (don't let it dry!). It takes off the dark oxide layer leaving bright, white aluminum.

    Note, this doesn't remove dirt, grime, and fish parts. You have to use old fashioned elbow grease (or soap and water) to do that. Once you get the dirt off, acid etches will take care of the rest.
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    Old school "NavelGel" is the best medicine. It will also work on glass boat hulls.
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