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Thread: pws/naked island deer

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    Default pws/naked island deer

    I've searched and all I've seen is jokes about naked women, which is fine, but I was wondering if anyone has info on the deer population on naked island. Wife wants to go hunting for the first time and thought a deer hunt would be a good one to ease her into it. My boat doesn't have the range to get to montague or knight I don't think but thought I could manage naked. Or if anyone knows better spots closer, that would be cool... Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Sure Naked does

    Sure, there are deer on most of the Islands, saw a deer swimming past Lone or going to it ? I have seen tracks in Shotgun cove, Perry, Esther and even closer to Whittier. Can't say I ever saw tracks on Culross not sure why other than I'm in a wrong spot.
    Very small numbers on them but some. I'm going out the 4th all I want is one.

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    Default Passage Canal

    We got two nice bucks within sight of Whittier last year. One was the biggest we have ever taken from the Sound.

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    Empty handed at Naked island 4 yrs ago, 5 days, fresh tracks every day, but no connecting. 1 nice old shed, and a soggy hat.
    Caught 2 90+ halibut, and a dozen or so 'chickens', from our 48 ft camp though.

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    ester, perry, culross, pretty much every island has deer on it in the sound, but pretty little compared to kodiak deer

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    I hunted Naked island about 6 years ago for deer. They were way up high in the pass. Saw 2 and got 1. Weather was rainy and foggy or probably could have done better.
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    hey, thanks for the info. I think I'll probably go and poke around the nearby bays and islands and ditch the naked idea. Thanks again.


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