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    Can anyone suggest an Anchorage or Valley area gunsmith who knows his way around a Colt 1911? I have a Series 70 I bought new in 1977 and am experiencing a persistant failure to feed. And yes, the gun is clean. I took it to one shop and I think all he did was install about an 18lb. spring. I have tried Colt mags, Wilson mags and McCormick mags all with the same result. Thanks for any help.

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    I guess the first question is what do you mean by failure to feed? Nose up jam, nose down jam, side jam, failure to go fully into battery....?

    What type of ammo? Has the gun been throated? ramp polished? Home gunsmithed?

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    I went to shoot to take pictures so you could see exactly what was happenning but the gun seemed to be running fine. Beats me. Hung up on the first round and then ran flawlessly for the next 99. It may have been the ammo last few times I shot it and I don't know what that ammo was but I'm sure it wasn't junk. The gun has never been touched from the factory by me or anyone else other than the smith whom I mentioned in the original post. It has only been shot and cleaned.....maybe 3000 rounds through it.

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    You could be having extractor tension issues, not holding the case tight til it hits the ejector. Bring it by the shop we can adjust it for you.

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    Thanks, I'll do it.


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