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    Question line size

    What # test line should I spool up for freshwater? I've had friends tell me that
    I should use at least 20# for salmon. Right now I have 1 spool w/6# mono and 1 spool w/20# super braid. Will those get the job done for what I may encounter. One guy said that I should use 50# to go after kings or silvers, but that seems like overkill and must be pretty hard to cast. Also, what size tippet should I use on fly outfit, mostly for rainbows & dollies.

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    50 # TEST WOW! Just imagine catching a snag, theres no way you would break that line.

    For Kings I prefer a good 25# test line. For Silvers I will go with a 10-15# line.

    Maxima Cameleon is my personal fav.

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    Cool Lines

    YIKES!!! WaterGremlin is right, you'll have a heck of time breaking loose from snags. I would never use the braided line in freshwater, mono all the way and once again I agree with WG, Maixma Chameleon is some good stuff. 20lb test for reds and silvers, 40 for kings is what I use.

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    The smaller the line the farther you will be able to cast. Thats why I use 10-15# for smaller salmon. Some times you have to reach out a good distance to grab one.


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