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Thread: Whittier?

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    Default Whittier?

    Anyone hit the cove at all this week? ...been thinking of trying for one last shot at some silvers.

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    Wondering the same thing......though we might try next Sunday, October 4th from a boat. PM me if you have any ideas of coves that hold late runs.........please )????

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    Default Was the Saturday

    Saw very few fish, there was a school of 15-20 and some small schools of 3-5, the fish I caught and saw were bright, but very small, 5-7 pounders.

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    anyone have an update on Whittier? are they late like last year or just a no -show...

    My father in law visiting from out of state would like to try fisihing this weekend and I'm trying to figure if our best bet is 'bows in the Mat-su or Silvers in Whittier.. (he doesn't want to drive 3 hours and pay $300 for a guide on the Kenai... did that last year and got skunked so isn't interested)

    hes just looking for a place to wet a line from shore for a couple hours and have a reasonable chance of catching something.

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    Default Silvers are being chase out of Whittier Harbor

    The silvers that have come in have been chased out of harbor itself by seals but the fish are in the streams close by. Patience is the key word this year. They are not slaying them easily.


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