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Thread: ATWOOD bilge pumps - not any more of my money!

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    Default ATWOOD bilge pumps - not any more of my money!

    I operate 11 different 12vdc bilge pumps. 9 on my commercial boat and two on my goose hunting runabout.
    Most of my pumps are Rule, but through the years have bought 5 or 6 Atwood. Most of those have broke within three years of use.
    I hope to never buy another Atwood.
    Rule pumps last for many, many years.
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    Default Atwood is not known for length of service

    As a brand, Atwood is generally thought of as being on the lower end of the spectrum. If you want a bilge pump to last I would NEVER buy an atwood - especially given the location and the fact they are usually not that easy to change.
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