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Thread: stowage sheds or garage ideas..

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    Default stowage sheds or garage ideas..

    would it be better to build a small stowage shed with a heavy insulation on the floors and walls room set up to protect the washer and dryer set up with that room in the back of the stowage shed unit and the front part of the shed unit is where the tools and gen set are kept along .. ..with a small platfrom to let the gen set run as need with a three side set up with opening under the roof line to let the fumes and noise out as need ..

    the washer and dryer combo would be setting up on a stand unit to keep it off the floor along with a set of bult in shelfs for extras stowage of items as need that does not need to worry about the cold tp and papertowels and lrandry soap etc..etc.etc..


    go with a med sized garage set up with the walls and floor and roof areas are heavy insulation panels as need to keep the cold down to a more reasonable typle for the washer and dryer unit as need ..with the garage section have a small stowage area with bult in shelfs for stowage of items that does not need to worry about the cold t.p.papertowels and lrandy soap ..etc.etc.etc.

    then i need to run the gen set up just pull it to the open area on the front section of the garage and fire it up to run as need to do the weekly cloths load as need ..

    so any ideas here people..

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    I would go with the latter. But you will need it to be heated at all times or your washing machine is going to frezze.

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    iam trying to get focus on the end goal right now and start the planing of the final days of beening down here and i looking at the things that i need to get down before next summer time comes..

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    Lock Rock said, the washing machine will freeze up if left in the cold. It's really tough to get all the water out of them. How is your water system going to be set up?
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    i was thinking about pumping water into a 55.gallon barrel then with a small rv style pressuse typle pump to pump in the fresh water to the machince when it running and useing the water in the machince as need ..

    i going to need ideas on this and any help here would great..

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    how about running a small protable typle propane or gas heater off the bigger tank set up and use that to keep the area warm dureing the winter time..


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