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Thread: Kudos to Galco

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    Default Kudos to Galco

    At the end of moose season in GMU 17 I had a retention screw on my Galco D.A.O. come loose and the screw, grommet and retention rubber now reside somewhere in the Nushagak River basin. I called Galco about my problem realizing that I had failed to recheck the screw to make certain it is tight and secure. I received two replacement units (my reputation precedes me) in the mail today, same week service to Dillingham, free of charge. I realize that these pieces cost them mere pennies apiece, but the confidence I have in their service went up another notch and I wanted to let you on the forum know of this. Galco does not make the "best" holsters and leather products available, but they produce a high quality product and provide excellent service at a reasonable cost. I have several of their products and have complete trust in them; this recent event only serves to encourage my patronage of their products in the future.

    FYI I always put a few drops of 242 Threadlocker on these screws, but Murphy with his proverbial rule reared its head. Needless to say I'll be more cautious in the future.

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    I've alway felt they were a very good maker with good service and I use their products.


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