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Thread: Most Common Factory Ammo Found in Alaska ?

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    Question Most Common Factory Ammo Found in Alaska ?

    Hi everyone - - - I did a search but got so many unrelated hits that I thought I'd just come out and ask - - - - What is the most common chambering for factory field handgun ammo found in Alaska ? (By 'field handgun' I mean for use in the bush, not a police chambering like the .40S&W). What's the most likely to be found anywhere from Anchorage to a small village store ? - - - I'm guessing 44 Mag ? How common is factory 45 Colt, 454, 500 S&W, etc at retail places ? Regards, - -

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    44 mag, for sure. Or in truth, the 22 lr is at least as common. Lots of field uses for both handguns.

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    Default Ditto on that

    .44 mag as stated by Brownbear.

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    Thanks guys, that's what I guessed. - - - Same as in the lower 48 (especially now with ammo stores still pretty thin in a lot of places). If a retail place carries field gun ammo - - and youre willing or need to pay the high price for factory stuff - - 44 Mag is what youre most likely to find. Regards, - -

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    Default Dohh

    22 Long Rifle is the most common ammo around.
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    In Wrangell the most common gun and easiest ammo tow fine are two different things. I can fine all the Ruger 480 and S&W 500 a man could need but no 44mag or 45colt or 454cashull.I think there are still two boxes of 357mag in town.You can still also get the WSM rounds all you want but 243,308 and such are long gone


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