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Thread: .308 Marlin Express

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    Default .308 Marlin Express

    Any speculation on the new Marlin Express caliber?


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    Default flogging a dead horse

    It looks like a fine round for the eastern woods but it will never compete with the tried and true 30-30 or 35 remington which everyone and their mother has back east, I would rather see marlin chamber the 358 winchester as it's more versatile........Kudo's to Ruger for chambering the 358 winchester and I like what I hear about this new 375 Ruger. I'm glad there's at least one gun manufacturer left that has a clue!!!!!

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    Someone will buy it, but it certainly won't be me! Didn't they learn from the .307? I predict a flop.

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    I like the ballistics in a lever, but they'd only be available in factory loads. Handload this one with FN bullets, and you start losing all the performance you bought it for. I'm a fan of the 308 Win in Savage 99's and even the BLR, but I can use about any bullet I want. Measure Marlin's 308 against the original Winchester version, and it suffers for lack of versatility, even if performance of the factory loads are similar.

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    Yes I believe that they are really stretching things a bit with all the new calibers. Not that I don't like to see new stuff but I rarely actually buy any of it.
    Now if a nice handy lever action in a higher velocity .30 caliber is what you are looking for by all means check out the Savage 99.
    Mine in the C version in .308 is my favorite deer rifle. It will shoot at least as well and I bet, better than many bolt actions. Mine is at least MOA (there are better shots out there than me!!) with factory federal ammo. Not to heavy to carry, reliable and beautiful.....

    They aren't cheap but you won't regret it!

    ciao y'all...



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