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Thread: I found some pixies

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    Default I found some pixies

    Last time I hit the river I found a couple of pixies and a vibrax walking around. I felt quite fortunate.

    These kids found $80k:

    Anyone else happened upon anything valuable?

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    Default Found some Alaskan salmon!

    I found some junk Alaskan red fillets at my local supermarket here in Japan a few months ago and felt REALLY fortunate. Everyone is always griping about all the Alaskan seafood getting exported to Japan but that doesn't appear to be the case (excluding pollock for surimi). Alaskan salmon and crab is a very rare thing here - plenty of over-salted, poorly-handled Russian salmon and crab available though, and an endless supply of Chilean farmed "salmon" - that stuff goes for about $3/lb. I used to think all the primo Alaskan product was going to the big hotels and high-end sushi shops but that proved to be false - just Russian and Chilean crap in those places as well. I've seen AK silvers being sold a couple of times here (in Costco!), and king once in a super-expensive specialty shop at $80/lb. Had to pass on that. On the other hand, Alaskan salmon roe is readily available. Thank God. Ate the hell out it in Alaska. Eat the hell out of it here. Pink and chum roe, in that order, are the best. King, red, and silver roe is better used as bait.


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