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Thread: 2005 Honda 650 Rincon thoughts...

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    Question 2005 Honda 650 Rincon thoughts...

    I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with this machine. I have the opportunity to get one, but I wanted to see what users have to say about them.


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    Default 05 rincon

    No personal experience but i am thinking a rincon also. Check the page rinconriders dot com

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    Default rincon

    they look like a nice machine. a lot heavier than other choices, and probably a lot harder on gas. i have a rubicon ; super 4 wheeler, a little hard on gas. i don't think i'd want a bigger one.

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    I dont have much experience with Rincon's but on paper I am not too impressed with them. I need a low gear with a locker.

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    It all depends on what you use it for, it's not a mud machine, more of a sport trail machine. With only 3 gears I don't know how good a hunting rig it would make either. The newer ones are faster and have efi but i believe the gearing is the same as the older ones.


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