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Thread: recommend put in/takeout for mat float?

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    Default recommend put in/takeout for mat float?

    Want to safely do a short overnight on the river. Anyone?

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    Chickaloon River to King River would be maybe 3-4 hrs float time. Or you could put in below the Chickaloon at King Mt Campground. I understand the area behind King Mt Lodge has been sold, so it may not be available anymore. There is a drive that goes down to the river from the pull out on NE corner of the Chickaloon Bridge. Launching should be fairly easy from there. Take out could be at the mouth of King River or just upriver from it at the large pull out.

    If that is too short you can continue on to Sutton for a couple more hours of floating. I have climbed out there, but the bank up to the road is steep, and the eddies are small. However there is a road just out of Sutton towards the Palmer end town that gets somewhat close to the river. There is a private church camp in there that offered to let us use their property for a takeout. You could ask them for permission.

    Past that you can go all the way to the bridge at the Old Palmer Highway in back of Palmer. That adds several more hours.

    Optionally, you can put in way above all this just below the Matanuska Glacier. There's a road that goes right down to the river. Look for the one that goes to the second, or lower, bridge, as the first one is private and exclusive. Or an hours float below there you can launch at Hicks Creek. From there you can get out at Chickaloon or King Mt Campground. This is a short two day run at most water levels.


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