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Thread: Need some Halibut advice-when and where?

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    Question Need some Halibut advice-when and where?

    You guys (and gals) on this forum have provided me with some excellent fishing advice in the past. I am looking for your help once again. We (me and Mrs.) are planning another fishing trip to Alaska in 2010. The time we can visit is pretty open, any time from early June thru' the end of August. Our primary target specie this time is Halibut. We would be happy if we caught nothing else. Although adding a rockfish or two or a lingcod to the box to bring home would be nice. We are not after a pile of fish and would be pleased if we could each bring home a 50lb box of delicious fish fillets. In the past we have fished primarily for Salmon and have had good luck doing that in late August and early September. And we have thoroughly enjoyed each minute that we have spent in your wonderful, friendly state. My thanks to all the locals who have offered their friendship and advice while on our visits there.

    So, when should we plan to do our fishing and where should we go? What do you consider as the prime time and location for Halibut? We plan do some river/steram fishing on our own while there also. We fished Kodiak in 2008 and had a blast there, although the weather was bad and we only made it out fishing on the ocean one of the three days we had booked. We have not yet visited the Homer-Seward area, so should we consider that? Where ever we go, I'd like to again book at least 3 nonconsecutive days to hopefully avoid some bad weather. Good idea or not? Also, we want to stay away from the large party boats and fish on a boat with only the two of us or with a small group on board with us. If you have any suggestions on whom we should contact, please let me know. If you'd rather PM me, do so.

    Thanks in advance for your help once again. I really do appreciate it. Looking forward to your suggestions.

    Bernie P.

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    Thumbs up Homer

    You just can't beat Homer for halibut. It's consistent, lots of six-pack charters available, plenty of fishing holes that consistently produce quantity or quality/size of fish. Early season the tourist have yet to arrive and the fishing is picking up well (May-June). Make sure you give yourself a few days down there, getting bad weather is always possible, can be day to day.

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    Talking 2nd Homer

    That's the the place for butts. For lings and smaller butts though, I would have to say Seward out by Montegue Is. It's kind of a long boat ride. I would worry more about the weather than what time of the season. Good luck to you.
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    With your itenerary open, you should consider False Pass/Dutch Harbor. Nice halibut there.
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    There are some real hogs around Montague. Two trips a year keep my freezer full all year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernie P View Post
    Our primary target specie this time is Halibut. We would be happy if we caught nothing else. Although adding a rockfish or two or a lingcod to the box to bring home would be nice. We are not after a pile of fish and would be pleased if we could each bring home a 50lb box of delicious fish fillets. .
    Considering your target species and the fact that you haven't been to Seward, I'd suggest you do just that - try Seward. Call Profish-N-Sea or Crackerjack and ask to book their six-pac boat for just a halibut trip(s) in the first couple of weeks in July. And use jigs, not bait - lings and rockfish love them and are common bycatch while halibut fishing out of Seward (both these charters have top notch gear for both bait and jig fishing). If you get out on three trips, heck even two, it would be pretty darn unlikely for you two to come home with less than 50 lbs. of fillets each. The scenery is incredible as well.
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    Talking Definitely give Profish-n-Sea in Seward a try. definitely want to consider a trip with Profish-n-Sea out of Seward. I've fished with them for years and have had the best success after trying many different charter companies in many different places. They will try hard to get you out near Montague where the hogs hang out. Good Luck!

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    Default Yakutat End of June

    Yakutat has the trifecta!!! Great halibut, rocks, lings, and a day on the Situk can put some sockeye in the box too!!

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    Tail end of June into July.

    (I have a S.E. bias)

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    I'll add to that go with a charter boat that is a "full time" operator. While some weekend warriors might be able to put you on fish, the Full time guys are less likely to leave you holding the bag if a problem arises.

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    Default Valdez

    I will stick with the Otter dodger out of Valdez. We had a blast this year on his boat. twelve halbut largest 90lb smallest 45lb in about 4 hours. This became a rush trip when my mom wouldn't stop vomiting over the side. He also placed in the derby this year.

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    Homer. You can't beat it.

    Capt. Tony runs an awesome outfit. We've always gotten fish, and quality fish too. I've seen lots of big fish come up on that boat.
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