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Thread: Sea Ducks and dogs

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    Default Sea Ducks and dogs

    I do one weekend of sea duck hunting every year and this year I am wanting to use my dog. I used her one day last year with no problems but am wondering if anyone has heard anything about dogs and seals or sea lions. I did hear a story of a guy hunting the kenai with his dog and a seal nipped him in the chest, the dog was put down. I was told that that is only in shallow water when they are feeding very heavy (on silvers that time). Any info would help thanks, Ryan

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    I have used my razzy in the salt, I am not normally hunting right were alot of seals or sea lions are feeding. We do have some sea lions around once in awhile and I just do not cast her when there is a chance for an issue to arise. It can be a challenge to keep her warm as the water is about 40 degrees and its pretty hard for her to run around in the boat so that is a considration. Some of a dogs most dramatic work can be done in 1-2 foot chop picking up a triple on Harleys, man that was something. Also be fair to the dog those divers can be tough if they are still mobile. It takes alot of forethought to work a dog on big water. Feel free to give a shout if you have questions or want to discuss further. 255-9775

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    You hear a lot about it - "My brother's coworker's step dad's neighbor had a dog killed by a seal" - but I have yet to actually meet a person that has had this happen. There are guys I know down in Puget Sound that hunt around sea lions and harbor seals and they don't have problems between the dog and the seals, but the seals occasionally try to haul out on a layout boat.

    As the other post states big cold water later in the year is hard on a dog so have a heater in the boat, sham-wows to suck the water off the fur, and high energy snacks to keep the boiler room stoaked.


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