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    Well last year I Asked the question what rifle would be better for my )9 sheep hunt, my 300 Ultra or my 270. well I ended up taking my 300 Ultra and took this 38 inch Ram on opening day August 10th. Thanks for all your comments

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    Wow - the symmetry on those horns is terrific! Great job and awesome pics, looks like you earned a great trophy.

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    Details man details!!! Congrats on your ram, that's a dandy for sure!!!

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    38 inches base to tip on each side and a 15 inch base on the right and 15.5 on the left. and the wildest 12 days I've ever had. tokk it in the Wood river area in unit 20A with Max Schwab

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    Congratulations on a beautiful trophy and delicious table fare.

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    Great ram!
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    15" bases that is huge....nice looking ram.


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