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Thread: Lost .45 Taurus Millenium Pro, Stainless

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    Default Lost .45 Taurus Millenium Pro, Stainless

    Anybody found a .45 lying around lately ? Wishful thinking. I learned my lesson about cheap holsters the hard way . I suppose it could've been a much harder lesson, but I lost my almost new .45 out of my holster last Wednesday NW of Fairbanks . I've looked several times since then. Maybe God was behind this. I bought it before moving up here with bears and cougars in mind, but there's no griz and the black bear are smaller in Oregon. So maybe it was sign to get a bigger gun. But how could I need a bigger gun if God didn't already know I was going to be confronted by one? Hmmmm?

    If anybody happened/s across it, I have the s/n.


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    Default Friend of mine

    This is a friend of mine, just wanted to give it a bump and see if it caught anyone's eye now that hunting seasons pretty much over...


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