Hello All --

I'm from the Anchorage area and am planning a trip to the Fairbanks area with dog this weekend or the next one for ruffed grouse. I consider myself a hard core ruffed grouse hunter and hunt them hard in the Mat Su valley thru December and back home where I grew up in N. Wisconsin. (For those with an excuse to get to N. Wisconsin, this year and next year are top of the cycle -- 40 flush days are possible in the right areas).

I've had very modest success (couple birds a day) in the Fairbanks area over the past 4 years -- I generally take 1 trip a year in mid to late October. I understand the dynamics in WI well and appreciate there that the birds are often in different areas early season vs mid to late season. Figuring out where they move to thru the season is the difference between a great day and getting skunked. I do not have a feeling for the birds in the Fairbanks area and what they are doing as we approach the first snow and frost. Would appreciate insight what the birds are doing, where they might be this time of year.

Also would appreciate any insight on places to explore (thru a pm). Not asking for anyone to disclose their honey holes, but simply some ideas on places that might have potential other than the normal spots that ADF&G will point newbies like me to. Perhaps some burn areas that require some effort to reach. I hunt hard -- dusk to dusk -- and plan on putting on miles, so am particularly interested in places that may require some hiking to get into. I promise to provide an accurate post-hunt report of where I hunted and how I did.

Thanks for any thoughts and advice. This is a great forum.