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    My usual spots for winter grouse are kinda bare; does anyone have a decent spot I can take my 8yo for some winter birds? PM me and I promise I'll keep it a secret... no seriously, I won't tell a soul... if needs be, I'll even blindfold my daughter the last 10 miles...

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    The Knik river woods by the Eklutna power plant is not a terrible place for grouse, last winter I saw a bird about 40% of the time I went out there, and these were 2-3 hour outings at most. Saw lots of rabbit tracks last winter as well but never saw a bunny, although I bet there are more out there this season. Let us know how you do if you go.

    P.S. There are houses within a 2ish mile vicinity of this area, so be aware of your background. While the woods are rather thick and I doubt a .22 would go more than a few hundred feet, either shooting the birds when they are on the ground or using a shotgun to get them on the wing would probably be a good idea.

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    Try wish bone Mt. in sutton
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    im probably gonna hit swanson river road this weekend.


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