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Thread: Yet another thumbs up for Cameraland!!!

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    Default Yet another thumbs up for Cameraland!!!

    Last week I PM'd Doug in a frantic predicament. I had lost my 3/8" to 1/4" threaded bushing on the bottom of my Zeiss Diascope that attatches to my quick attach plate for my tripod. The quick attach plate screw is only a 1/4" thus when I lost the bushing on the bottom of my scope I was not longer able to mount my spotting scope to my tripod. I have a Kodiak goat hunt coming up that I leave for in less than 9 days now or 2 weeks at the time I wrote Doug intially. So I PM'd him my problem along with this pic:

    And explained that I needed the part ASAP. He promptly replied by the time I got up the next morning explaining the exact part I needed and stated he was fresh out but could was expecting to have them back in stock by Monday 9/21. I wrote back explaining that I would be gone on the Kenai Peninsula black bear and caribou hunting for the following 5 days and to charge my credit card and send to my address as soon as they are back in stock. This was on 9/17. Well I get back last night and check the mail this morning on 9/22 and voila 3 brand new bushings in my P.O. Box. Not knowing this yesterday I stopped by 3 sporting good stores that sell my exact scope and they all told me that this part can not be found in Anchorage and will have to be ordered online.

    I just wanted to say Thanks to Doug and the folks at Cameraland NY. I have bought a number of items from them in the past and with service like this I have to say I'll keep purchasing my optic related gear from them. Thanks again Doug.
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    It's great to acknowledge Cameraland but you may want to change the title.
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