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Thread: Any ideas where to take a pup out hunting in the Anchorage area

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    Hi Guys
    New to duck hunting and I have a great Pup, just need some place a guy can get out and get him on a few birds, ducks/grouse, not looking for your hot spots, just want the dog to get some action. Be nice to get out after work around Anchorage, any ideas would be great.

    Is the Alaska coastal area good to take a pup, or is it way to crowded with people and to tidal for a dog?

    Thanks for any wisdom you may have.

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    The ANC coastal refuge areas that are huntable are not all that tidal. There are guts and what not that you don't want your dog to get into when the tide is out so you need to have reliable recall on your pup to keep it out of them.

    There are posts on here about accessing the area so use that info to get you into there. Other than the ANCCR there is Birchwood, but it it does not produce much when there is this low of the local bird population. It is a nice hike though. Last night there were a few mallards way in the back where it was not safe for my big butt to walk. The birds know they are safe back there too.

    Either place will require an after hunt bath for the pup it if is a house dog. Cook Inlet silt and muck mixed into the fur. The dog is almost starting to like baths now.


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