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    We flew into Kotz on Friday morning and hopped Tha Air Taxi that day. We had about an hour flight into camp. We started getting a little nervous when the valleys were all full of low fog but it cleared up as we got to ours, and we were able to land.
    We setup camp and just hung out for the rest of the day, waiting for the hunting to start in the morning. We woke int he morning to hard rain which had us staying in the tents longer than we thought. The rain let up so we crawled out of the bags had some breakfast and decided which direction the 2 groups would head out for the day. We started south down the valley, it was still lightly raining so we taking it easy. we had walked about 3/4 of a mile and not really paying that much attension, we all of a sudden i spotted caribou right in front of us. We dropped down to our knees and started looking thoru our binocs. There were 4 cows and 2 nice bulls in the herd. As we were flying into camp the pilot had told us that they hadn't been seeing the numbers of animals they were used to this time of year and the ones they been seeing had turned around and were heading back north because of the warmer tnan normal weather. I told my hunting partner that i was going to take the biggest bull in the herd.After the shot the bull went straight down. My partner then said i'm going to take the other bull. So in 15 seconds we had 2 nice bulls on the ground only 45 minutes into the hunt and really close to camp on flat level ground. Could this get any better?
    As if by magic we walked up to the bulls, after many hugs and high fives, the sun came out the whole time we were taking care of the skinning and packing job. we were done in about 2 1/2 hours. Tired but very happy. It stated to rain again as we were cooking dinner. My hunting Partner Greg said he wanted to throw a tarp over the meat to keep it dry. i told him i would got with him but he said he would go take care of it.
    This is where it got intresting for him. He had just finished with the tarp and was walking off the hill we a Grizz came out of the brush straight at him. She stopped @ about 30 yards and stood up to look at him. He was waving his arms and shouting at her. She dropped back down and ran around the hill to his right, He lost sight of her and when she reappeared she was now on top of our meat cash. He started backing up still yelling at her. She dropped down and was right at the cash and at him one more time and charged him. He let her get within 25-30 yards and that was close enough. He had planned on trying for bear on this trip just not this way. After 4 shots with the 338 she was down. The first shot would have done it but he did not want her getting into the brush. We heard the first shot at our cook tent and came out just in time to see the last shots. He was cool during the whole event, but now the adrenaline was kicking in. He asked for a new pair of underwear and the shaking was going on.
    We left the bear on the hill that night and came back the next morning and got her all taken care of. She ended up at 6'6" silvertip sow, She will be a very pretty rug. The rest of the week we helped aroung camp and helped stopping for the other 2 guys with us. On the last day one of the guys got a nice cow, so what a great trip. 3 bou's and a bear. It will be hard to top the best hunting trip of my life. Great friends
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    Looks like you did well. Dont know if those pictures are going to cut it

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    Congrats on your hunt and adventure! The pics are displaying pretty small, would love to see larger pics of your trophies.

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    I'll have the wife help me with larger pic's

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    Gotta love it.


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    You had a safe trip, got some great stories, collected nice trophies and made wonderful memories; what more could you want from a hunt? Congratulations.

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    Here are better pictures.
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    Sounds like a great trip and very exciting. Congrat's on the bear and bou!


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